Can I Get Nit With 80000 Rank?

Can you get 82 percentile NIT?

Your percentile is enough, to get admission in some of the NIT throgh SC category.

You can’t get a branch of IT sectors but you can get branches like chemical chemical engineering ,production engineering, civil mechanical etc..

Can I get nit with 75 percentile?

My jee mains mark is 75 percentile in SC category can I get seat in any NIT Or IIIT colleges. Hello Aspirant, Your rank is not good , And yes there is low chance of getting admission into any nits or iiits.

Is 82 percentile good in JEE?

82 percentile is not the poor marks that you won’t get any colleges. You hold a chance in many reputed good colleges. With 82 percentile getting into good NIT IIIT is difficult. Though you may get into the reputed state colleges.

Can you get 30000 rank NIT?

Most probably you will get NIT colleges on this Rank. If you wanna Know the list of colleges coming under this rank you use Jee Main College Predictor.

Can I get any NIT with 90000 rank?

Tech course. The admission to B….Colleges Accepting 75,000 to 1,00,000 Rank in JEE Main 2021.Name of the CollegeCourseClosing Rank (As Per Past Trends)NIT Arunachal PradeshComputer Science and Engineering90000NIT Arunachal PradeshElectronics and Communication Engineering93437NIT SilcharCivil Engineering8231524 more rows•Dec 21, 2020

Can I get any NIT with 50000 rank?

List of colleges accepting JEE Main Rank 50,000 to 75,000 for admission in B. Tech course….Colleges Accepting 50,000 to 75,000 Rank in JEE Main 2021.Name of the CollegeCourseExpecetd Closing Rank (As per Past Trends)NIT RaipurChemical Engineering61548NIT RaipurCivil Engineering55084NIT RaipurElectrical Engineering53745NIT RaipurMechanical Engineering6411262 more rows•Dec 21, 2020

Which NIT can I get with 25000 rank?

With this rank ,you have chancs to get a seat in CS branch in the following NITs:National Institute of Technology Arunachal Pradesh.National Institute of Technology Meghalaya.National Institute of Technology Sikkim.National Institute of Technology, Manipur.National Institute of Technology, Mizoram.

Can I get nit with 83 percentile?

83 percentile in JEE mains is not enough to get NIT as your rank may be between 1.8 lakh to 2 lakh . If you want to get seat in any NIT then you need to score atleast 90 perecentile or above in JEE mains.

Which NIT can I get with 20000 rank?

For securing General rank of 20K in JEE mains 2020 you have a good chance to get a seat in NIT Calicut, NIT Raipur, NIT Goa, and many more colleges.

Is 120 a good score in JEE mains?

You will get a rank under 40,000 if you get a score of 120 in JEE Main. There are total 31 NITs with 18K seats & NIT admission depends on home state quota and category also with JEE Main rank. For IIT admission you have to qualify JEE Advanced exam.

Can I get any NIT with 70000 rank?

Answer. Well, a rank of 70,000 is enough to get u in some good government colleges. It will also fetch u admission in NIT bt u will nt get into top nit’s. U can get core branches in pec chndigrh ,GNDU, LPU & many other gud universities.

Can I get nit with 90 percentile?

In order to secure admission in NITs through JEE Main, the good score for the same can be around 80-90 percentile. At the same time, the candidates must feature among the top 15,000 – 20,000 ranks range to get admission. … However, some NITs also closed ranks around 2,00,000 (mostly newer NITs).

Which NIT can I get with 6000 rank?

NIT raipur.NIT hamirpur.NIT manipur.NIT Sikkim.NIT durgapur.MNNIT allahabad.

Can I get 1 lakh rank NIT?

If you are aspiring for admission in NIT and your JEE Main is more than one lakh, do not worry about the chances.

Can I get nit with 95 percentile?

Yes, you can get NIT-Suratkal with 95 percentile.

How hard is it to get into NIT?

Well, it’s not easy and even that difficult to get a seat in a NIT. It requires a huge effort and hard work to perform well in JEE Mains. To get a decent branch in a top NIT , you need a rank under 13-14 k . And getting this rank out of a million of students is not a easy task.

Which NIT can I get with 40000 rank?

NIT, Arunachal Pradesh – 225000.NIT, Patna – 45000.NIT, Raipur – 90000.NIT, Manipur – 750000.NIT, Meghalaya – 275000.NIT, Agartala – 260000.NIT, Goa – 310000.NIT, Jalandhar – 40000.More items…•

Is 140 a good score in JEE mains?

The table given below provides a good understanding of JEE Main 2021 rank JEE Main 2021 score….JEE Main Marks vs Rank Analysis 2021.JEE Main Rank RangeJEE Main Score Range20001 – 35000152 – 16435001 – 50000140 – 15150001 – 75000130 – 13975001 – 98000125 – 12935 more rows•Dec 17, 2020