Question: How Long Does A MetroCard Last?

Do MetroCards really expire?

Whether Pay-Per-Ride or Unlimited Ride, every MetroCard has an expiration date.

The expiration date is usually about one year from the date of purchase.

If your Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard expires, you have two years from the expiration date to transfer any remaining money to a new card..

How long does a single ride MetroCard last?

two hoursThe single ride is not a Metrocard, it’s a ticket, and no, there’s no $1 fee, but the tickets expire after two hours so you can’t buy them in advance. The Metrocard is the better deal, and I suggest you use it. Up to four people can share one card, with a fare deducted for each person.

Can I refill an expired MetroCard?

MetroCards can be refilled with time and value before the expiration date printed on the card for about a year. If the card is about to expire or is recently expired, the MetroCard Vending Machine will offer the customer a new MetroCard with the same time and value on it at no charge.

Can you share an unlimited MetroCard?

Unlimited Ride MetroCards: – These passes are only good for one person, they cannot be shared. Once swiped you cannot use the card again for another 18 mins.

How many rides are on a $20 MetroCard?

After two rides, you’ll be left with just $0.28 on your card. Then, say you add $20 to that card. With the MTA bonus, you will really get $21, and your new balance will be $21.28.

Is unlimited MetroCard worth it?

According to our math, an unlimited ride MetroCard will still be worth the $33 if you ride the subway or bus more than 12 times per week. … The 30-day unlimited card is worth the price if you take the subway or local bus more than 46 times per month.

How much is an unlimited metro card?

Unlimited Ride MetroCard: The price of a 7-Day Unlimited Ride MetroCard (currently $33.00) may increase to up to $34.75. The price of a 30-Day Unlimited Ride MetroCard (currently $127.00) may increase to up to $134.00. The price of a 7-Day Express Bus Plus MetroCard (currently $62.00) may increase to up to $65.50.

How much does a monthly MetroCard cost 2020?

Commuters who rely on the authority’s sprawling network of trains, buses, bridges and tunnels will also see fare and toll increases of about 4 percent. On April 21, the price of a weekly MetroCard will rise to $33, up from $32. A monthly pass will increase to $127, up from $121.

Can you use a MetroCard multiple times?

regular metrocards can be used by two people since you are paying fares. The ‘unlimited’ ride passes have an 18 minutes delay after being used before it can be used again. … If you purchase a pay per ride Metrocard your wife and you can use the same card.

Can you cash out a MetroCard?

You have up to a year after the expiration date on the card to transfer the balance at a booth, a MetroCard Vending Machine or by mailing it in to MetroCard Customer Claims. We issue a replacement card for the remaining value on your Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard. We don’t provide cash refunds.

Is it illegal to swipe someone in with your unlimited MetroCard?

It’s Legal to Swipe Your Fellow New Yorkers Through With Your MetroCard. … It’s not illegal to use your MetroCard to help another rider gain access to the system, the NYPD and the MTA said, as long as you’re not charging for the swipe. Jumping the turnstile is illegal, though.

How much money can I put on a MetroCard?

A MetroCard holder can spend up to $80 in one transaction and up to a total value of $100. Pay-Per-Ride MetroCards can also be filled with unlimited ride time in 7- or 30-day increments.