Question: Is Further An Adverb?

Can further be a verb?

Word forms: 3rd person singular present tense furthers , present participle furthering , past tense, past participle furthered Further is a comparative form of far.

It is also a verb.

Further means to a greater extent or degree..

Is further a adjective?

further adjective, adverb (GREATER DISTANCE)

Where do you put further in a sentence?

Further sentence examplesWithout further conversation, the Indians started down the gully. … The assistant asked some further questions. … He offered no further information and she felt uncomfortable about asking. … Miss Keller’s later education is easy to understand and needs no further explanation than she has given.More items…

Can you say further instead of furthermore?

Therefore, we use further in the sentence. Furthermore is a synonym for moreover, in addition, and the like. Generally, furthermore is used to introduce a new argument and placed at the start of a sentence. We tend to confuse the usage of further and furthermore, and end up using them interchangeably.

Whats another word for further?

What is another word for further?additionalmoreotherextranewsupplementaryaddedanotherelsefarther135 more rows

What part of speech is already?

Already is an adverb.

Is further an adverb or adjective?

further (adverb) further (adjective) further (verb) further education (noun)

Is further a word?

It means “to aid in the progress of, to promote, or to move forward.” As an adverb, further means “in addition to.” As an adjective, it means “more, extended, or additional.” For instance, you might ask for further information or pursue further education.

What kind of word is further?

“Further” is preferred for the adverb sense meaning “moreover,” the adjective sense meaning “additional,” and the verb sense as in “to further one’s career.”

Would not go further meaning?

of something stated, discussed, etc. : to not be told to anyone else Don’t worry, what you’ve told me will go no further.

What kind of adverb is further?

Farther and further are comparative adverbs or adjectives. They are the irregular comparative forms of far. We use them to talk about distance.

Can a sentence start with further?

“Further” is usually employed as an adjective that modifies a noun. For the most part, it is NOT used at the beginning of a sentence (e.g., “Without further delay.”). … It IS generally used at the beginning of a sentence (e.g., “Furthermore, they allow pets.”). It is synonymous with “in addition.”

What word class is further?

Adjective, adverb. further (MORE) further (GREATER DISTANCE)

Is further a conjunction?

A CONJUNCTION is a word that connects or joins together words, phrases, clauses, or sentences….accordinglyin factfurtherstillfurthermorethat ishencethenhowevertherefore7 more rows