Question: Is There A Shuttle From BWI To Dulles?

How often do shuttles run at BWI?

Every 8 to 10 MinutesEvery 8 to 10 Minutes*.

Where is the Amtrak shuttle at BWI?

At the MARC/Amtrak station, shuttles stop adjacent to the rail station garage, directly across from the rail station. At the BWI Marshall Airport terminal, shuttles drop you off near each designated airline check-in counter.

How do I get from IAD to BWI?

There is no direct connection from Washington Dulles Airport (IAD) to BWI Rail Station. However, you can take the bus to Washington, take the walk to Washington Union Station, then take the train to BWI Marshall Airport Amtrak Station.

How do I get from DC to BWI?

Taking a train is also the fastest way to get from the Baltimore Airport to Washington, D.C., but if you’re in a hurry, use Amtrak instead of the MARC train. Amtrak trains depart from the same BWI Airport station as the MARC train but complete the journey in 30 minutes instead of 40 minutes.

How much is the BWI shuttle?

Airport Shuttle BWIRateService Description$0.25For each additional 1/10 of a mile thereafter ($2.50 per mile)$0.25For each 37.5 seconds of waiting time and/or traffic delay ($0.40/min. waiting time)$0.25For each suitcase in excess of two$1.00For each trunk, foot locker or other oversized personal property1 more row

Is there public transportation from BWI to Washington DC?

The MARC Train is a commuter rail serving numerous locations in Maryland and Washington DC. The MARC Penn line runs between Union Station in Washington DC, Baltimore, and points north, to include a stop near BWI. To get to the MARC train, you need to catch a shuttle to the BWI Amtrak Station.

Is Dulles or BWI closer to DC?

Roughly a similar distance as Dulles from the district, BWI is located about 30 miles northeast from downtown Washington.

How much does it cost to take the train from Baltimore to DC?

Amtrak operates a train from Baltimore Penn Station to Washington Union Station hourly. Tickets cost $23 – $35 and the journey takes 36 min.

Does BWI have a train station?

BWI Airport Station is an intermodal passenger station in Linthicum, Maryland near Baltimore–Washington International Airport (BWI). It is served by Amtrak Northeast Corridor intercity trains, MARC Penn Line regional rail trains, and several local bus lines.

Is there a shuttle between Dulles and BWI?

GO The Airport Shuttle offers airport transportation to and from BWI (Baltimore Washington International), IAD (Washington Dulles) and DCA (Ronald Reagan National) Airports. We also offer shuttle service to and from Amtrak-BWI, Amtrak Penn-Station-Baltimore and Union Station-Washington.

Is there a train from BWI to Dulles?

The best way to get from Baltimore Airport (BWI) to Washington Dulles Airport (IAD) without a car is to train and subway which takes 2h 25m and costs $27 – $130.

How much is uber from Dulles to BWI?

Possible Flat RatesIAD Airport ↔ Inside DC Beltway$65.00Downtown Baltimore ↔ Inside DC Beltway$105BWI Airport ↔ Inside DC Beltway$85.00