Question: What Happens If You Get Reported On Clash Of Clans?

Is it safe to buy a clash of clans account?

Don’t buy a Clash of Clans account.

It’s against Supercell’s Terms of Service, so the account can be banned.

There is no guarantee that the seller will give you access to the account.

If he’s a major douche he’ll give you access to the account, take your money and then report the account to Supercell..

Is Clash of Clans Dead 2019?

Clahs of Clans is NOT dead. Supercell keeps the game being actualized with all kind of things recently, such a great example being the TH12. … Supercell keeps the game being actualized with all kind of things recently, such a great example being the TH12.

What is a report button?

What is the “report” button? The report button, shown on all posts and comments when you’re logged in, is an anonymous way to alert a community’s moderators to something that violates the community rules or Reddit’s Content Policy.

Is clash of clans pay to win?

Strategy- paying is only by choice, and everything money can buy in Clash can be otherwise obtained, so it’s not pay to win.

Will supercell unban accounts?

The only way to get unbanned is either by waiting for your temporary ban to expire or if you have a permanent ban then you have to contact Supercell and give a pretty good reason why you should be unbanned. Be warned however! If you’re account is inactive for 140 or more days the village will be deleted.

What means CoC?

certificate of conformityA certificate of conformity, or CoC, is issued by an authorized party (sometimes the manufacturer, sometimes an independent laboratory) and states that the product meets the required standards or specification.

Yes they do! Its 2020 and i came back to the game this year, i have taken a lot of breaks since 2014 but im pretty sure even if i stop i will always come back to the game. Now im a lv150 th11 co leader in lv10 clan which has a lot of active people playing everyday.

What happens when you report someone on clash of clans?

What happens when we report someone for his inappropriate behavior in Clash of Clans? Only one report can’t do anything. But more than 10 report will cause temporary bann. In some cases these repeated reports can bann that player permanently.

Can you get banned on clash of clans?

You can get banned for many reasons, but most people get banned because they break the Terms and Conditions that you agree to when you first start the game. When will I be unbanned? It depends on how bad reason for becoming banned was. Also, you’ll get banned for longer if you are a repeat offender.

Can you report someone on clash of clans?

If the person you are reporting said something mean in chat, just click on the message and click “Report”. Supercell’s Policy says they should see your report within 48 hours.

How do I report a clash of clans account?

Reporting: [Players/Clans]Screen shot the base/clan description/inappropriate content in question.Press the little settings cog located just above the shop:Click on the green help and support button.Click on the “contact us” button, located in the top right corner.Write out why you are reporting the player/clan.More items…•

How do you report a cheater on clash of clans?

Those whom you suspect are cheating their way into the world of CoC can be reported directly to the game’s makers, Supercell, through the Settings icon. Select the part that says Contact Us, and then tap on Help & Support. Under this option, users will be able to report other users suspected of cheating in the game.

How do I report a problem on clash of clans?

Follow these steps:Open the Clash of Clans application.Press the Settings icon.Press Help And Support.Press Report An Issue.Press Other Problem.

How can I unlock my COC account?

The unlock code pops up when an account has been locked due to an ownership dispute. You will need to contact Make sure you include your village name and clan. If the village had in the past been transferred to you it is now likely being reclaimed by the original owner.

How do I recover my old clash of clans account?

AndroidOpen the Clash of Clans application.Go to Game Settings.Connect to a Google+ account so you can link your old village.Find the Help and Support tab in the Game Settings menu.Select Report an Issue.Select Other Problem.

Is Clash of Clans shutting down?

The online strategy game where players build defenses and train troops to attack other players’ bases, is the top grossing app of iOS and Android of all time. Clash of Clans has also received positive reviews from global audience. … On March 10, 2015, the game was fully shut down.