Question: What Is The Minimum Age For Staying In A Hotel?

Can u book a hotel at 17 UK?

Children under 16 are not permitted to stay in a Premier Inn hotel unless a parent or guardian is also staying in the hotel.

We reserve the right to request valid photographic proof of identity and age, so please bring this with you otherwise where requested you will not be permitted to stay..

Do hotels Check ID for age?

Upon arriving at the front desk to check in, you can expect to be asked for your ID. It’s pretty common for hotels to require you to be at least 18 years old to check into a hotel. … While there are laws regarding age discrimination, since hotels have their own discretion on guest stays, they can rightfully refuse you.

Can you check into a Marriott at 18?

Marriott Age requirement: Marriott does not have a standard age limit across all locations. Some locations will allow guests to check in at age 18, while others require guests to be at least 21 — you can call ahead to be sure.

Do you need ID to check hotel?

Some Form of Identification: When checking into a hotel, you’ll need to present proof that you are the person who made the reservation and that you are over eighteen years of age. This can be anything from a driver’s license to a state ID card or passport. Hotels require identification for two main security reasons.

Can you pay cash for hotel?

Typically, you cannot make a hotel reservation with cash, a personal check or a money order. These payment options are usually reserved for paying your final bill, as hotels generally require a payment card to secure your reservation and will often require a deposit on that card.

Can a parent check you into a hotel?

Yes they can. I have done it for my sons when they were that age. Your parents make the reservation and discuss this directly with the hotel on the phone. The parent has to authorize All charges to be allowed on the parent’s credit card.

Can I book a hotel for my 17 year old?

Most hotels in the US have a policy that one guest staying in the room needs to be at least 18 (or even 21) years old. Whether or not you can get away with checking in yourself depends on the hotel / chain / front desk staff, but I wouldn’t bet on it. (Check-out, on the other hand, should be no issue at all.)

Can I stay in a hotel with my 18 year old boyfriend?

A: Legally, yes. Because you are 18, you are legally able to enter contracts, including the rental of a hotel room. A hotel may choose to rent a room to you if they like. There is no law against an adult occupying a hotel room with a minor (per se).

How do minors get hotel rooms?

In the United States, a person needs to be 18 years or older in order to get a hotel room. Usually, (at least good hotels) will ask for ID. A parent or guardian may get the room for the minor, BUT the risks and responsibilities of the accommodations will rest soley upon the adult whom secured the room.

Can a parent rent a hotel room for a minor?

If a hotel decides to rent rooms to minors (guests under age 18), it would be well-advised to require an adult who is willing to be held responsible for the actions of the minor sign a contract. … For children under the age of 18, state law makes the parent liable for any damages to a hotel room in certain circumstances.

Can a minor stay in a hotel with an 18 year old?

However it’s unlikely that an 18 or 19-year-old will be permitted to rent a room. Each hotel or chain has an age policy – most hotels require that you be at least 21 to rent a room, some even as high as age 25. … ie two friends of similar age on a trip together.

Can a 15 year old stay in a hotel alone?

As a general rule, hotels cannot deny lodging to a guest on the basis of age. In many states, an absolute ban on minors may be unlawful. There is a common law a duty to receive guests. However, there are some local jurisdictions that prohibit a hotel from allowing a minor to stay unaccompanied by an adult.

What states allow 18 year olds to rent hotels?

Can you get a hotel at 18? Yes you can! We have hotels that let you check in under 21. View our top destinations below.Orlando, Florida – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels. … Chicago, Illinois – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels. … New York City, New York – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels. … Boston, Massachusetts – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels.More items…

How can I get into a hotel under 21?

You can book a room with a Credit or Debit card, and many institutions and banks issue to 18+ account holders. Some hotels will require a Driver’s license (which may get the room occupancy challenged) but many will accept your reservation and payment if the Card is valid.

What hotels can an 18 year old book?

List of the hotels that allow an 18-year-old to check-inAirbnb. Age requirement: The terms of service state that anyone 18 and older can stay at an Airbnb. … Best Western. … Drury Inn and Suites. … Four Seasons. … Hilton Hotels. … Hostels. … Hyatt Hotels. … Intercontinental Hotels Group.More items…•

What does a hotel do with your ID?

When traveling to hotels in the United States, they frequently require that you show them your driver’s license when you check in and then they make a copy of your driver’s license.

Can a 17 year old stay in an Airbnb?

You must be 18 or older to have an Airbnb account.

How do hotels get age restrictions?

Call them up and explain . Hotels like Sheraton, Hyatt, etc. do accommodate guests under 18. Your parents would need to fill out the reservation forms and pay for your trip prior to you visiting the hotel.