Question: Where Do You Buy Tickets For The Riverwalk Boat?

How much does the Riverwalk boat cost?

General tickets cost $13.50 with discounts for local Bexar residents $11.50; Children ( ages 1-5) $7.50; Seniors * (Age 65+) $10.50; Military $10.50 (*Photo ID may be required for any transaction.).

Is the Chicago Riverwalk safe?

Remember that you are still in an urban environment and need to be aware of your surroundings. Chicago Riverwalk Security can be easily found with their yellow shirts and jackets patrolling the entire stretch of the Riverwalk between Lake Shore Drive and Lake Street.

Can you walk from the Alamo to the Riverwalk?

Sightseeing, shopping, food and fun. All on a world-renowned 15-mile urban waterway. The River Walk, or Paseo del Rio, is a San Antonio treasure and the largest urban ecosystem in the nation. Tucked quietly below street level and only steps from the Alamo, it provides a serene and pleasant way to navigate the city.

Where do you get on the Riverwalk boat?

Riding the River Shuttle Look for the GO RIO Shuttle signs that are located along the River Walk downtown and on the Museum Reach. Boats are labeled with GO RIO Shuttle signs. Shuttles run approximately every 60 minutes.

How long is San Antonio Riverwalk boat ride?

35-minuteStep into the Soul of San Antonio. Choose your GO RIO Cruise experience! GO RIO’s 35-minute San Antonio River Walk boat tour connects you to the city’s culture, history, architecture, and timeless charm.

Can you walk around the Riverwalk with alcohol?

Yes, you can walk around with alcohol on Riverwalk. Riverwalk is the type of place you might want to grab a drink to go while you explore.

How much is San Antonio Riverwalk parking?

WHERE MAY I PARK TO VISIT THE RIVER WALK? There are over 2,000 parking meters, most of which are enforced 8AM-6PM, Mon-Sat. Parking is free outside of these hours. Parking is free in city-run parking garages and lots during “Downtown Tuesday” which is available on most Tuesdays after 6 PM.

Is the Riverwalk pet friendly?

Exploring the Pet Friendly San Antonio River Walk. Our favorite part of visiting the San Antonio River Walk is that it’s entirely pet friendly! Pets must be leashed, of course, and care should be taken in congested areas for the pet’s safety and the safety of other visitors. Please remember to pick up after your pets!

Is Chicago Riverwalk free?

Located on the south bank of the Chicago River, the award-winning, pedestrian-friendly Chicago Riverwalk stretches 1.25 miles from Lake Shore Drive to Lake Street. … Free Chicago Riverwalk tours.

Is the Riverwalk open to the public?

The River Walk is open daily 24/7. Most businesses are open during this time, and following all CDC & River Walk Safe guidelines. Click the link below for a list of what’s open. You are required to wear a mask out in public.

Is San Antonio Riverwalk area safe at night?

Riverwalk Vista is a little closer to the Westin but both walks should be safe, even at night. Stay along the river where the crowds are but even walking down Commerce should be safe. It is a big city so just take the normal precautions.

Where do you board the Rio cruise?

Ticket Booth & Boarding LocationsRivercenter Ticket Booth. 849 E. River Walk. San Antonio, TX 78205.Historia Ticket Booth. 706 River Walk. San Antonio, TX 78205.Aztec Theater Ticket Booth. 731 River Walk. San Antonio, TX 78205.

What time does RiverWalk close?

The Detroit RiverWalk and Dequindre Cut Greenway are open 7 Days a week from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

How deep is the water at the RiverWalk in San Antonio?

2 to 24 feet5 Surprising Facts About the San Antonio River Walk Putting the obvious aside, here are five great things that might surprise you about the River Walk — and all the more reason to visit it while you’re in the Texas Hill Country! You may think it’s consistently shallow, but the river depth varies from 2 to 24 feet!

Where is the best part of San Antonio Riverwalk?

The best part of the Riverwalk is not the shop/restaurant/bar stretch, but the part that ambles along the upper reach of the San Antonio River’s passage through the city. The part that skirts the King William district is particularly nice, as is the Museum Reach.