Quick Answer: Can I Buy LIRR Tickets On The Train?

Where can I get discount LIRR tickets?

Many employers offer the benefit through programs like WageWorks.

Employees who sign up receive a stored value debit card they can use to buy an LIRR monthly pass for themselves or their dependents.

On average, commuters who use the benefit cut their transit costs by 30%.

Find out if your employer offers the benefit..

Can you use Metrocard for LIRR?

No. MetroCards can be used on New York Transit buses and subways, MTA Bus Company services, Staten Island Rail, NICE, Westchester County buses & PATH (pay-per-ride only). The LIRR requires its own ticket as does MetroNorth.

How do I buy Atlantic LIRR tickets?

Where to buy an Atlantic TicketOne-way and round-trip tickets are available from ticket machines at all eligible stations.Weekly tickets are available from full-service ticket machines at all eligible stations.At LIRR ticket offices at Jamaica and Atlantic Terminal.

Can you pay cash for train tickets?

You can pay for your tickets using cash or a credit or debit card.

What is LIRR City Ticket?

CityTickets cost $4.50 and are good for one-way travel that begins and ends within New York City. (LIRR riders can change trains at Jamaica as long as they continue their trips in the same direction.) On LIRR, you can use CityTicket for trips within Zone 1 or between Zones 1 and 3.

Can I use MetroCard on Long Island Bus?

Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard is accepted on MTA New York City Transit subways, local buses, and express buses.

Are all LIRR tickets off peak?

Off peak fares will remain in effect on all LIRR trains.

How do you pay for the LIRR?

Ticket offices accept cash, ATM/debit cards, major credit cards and certain Transit Benefit Cards. Personal checks are accepted for the purchase of monthly, weekly, and Ten-Trip tickets, as well as five or more One-Way tickets. Ticket office hours are posted at stations and on the LIRR Station page here.

Why Is LIRR so expensive?

Because the LIRR is a commuter rail, its services are more costly to run. For example, a peak train from Long Island to Penn Station may go out of service after Penn Station and not pick up passengers, meaning there is only revenue one way. When you factor in the personnel cost, it becomes even more expensive.

How long are LIRR tickets good for?

six monthsTickets are valid for six months from date of sale and may be used by more than one person, even when traveling together. The following ten-trip ticket types are available: Ten-trip peak: Sold at the price of 10 peak one-way fares.

Can I use my Penn Station ticket to Atlantic Terminal?

Yes. The LIRR fare system breaks stations down into zones. So, for example, Penn Station is Zone 1, but so is Atlantic Terminal, Brooklyn.

What LIRR goes to Atlantic Terminal?

Atlantic Terminal (formerly Flatbush Avenue) is the westernmost stop on the Long Island Rail Road’s (LIRR) Atlantic Branch, located at Flatbush Avenue and Atlantic Avenue in Downtown Brooklyn, New York City. It is the primary terminal for the Far Rockaway, Hempstead, and West Hempstead Branches.

How much does a LIRR ticket cost?

Tickets purchased on board the train cost from $5.75 – $6.50 more if ticket machines are available, or the ticket office is open at your boarding station. The higher on board fare does not apply to Senior Citizens, People with Disabilities or Medicare customers, except during the westbound AM Peak hours.

Can I buy my LIRR ticket online?

MTA eTix – a mobile ticketing service that allows LIRR customers to purchase and use train tickets directly from their mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets – is now available on ALL LIRR branches. To access MTA eTix, download the free app on iPhone or Android and set up your account.

Is there WIFI on LIRR?

MTA Long Island Rail Road customers waiting for their trains in the Penn Station ticketed waiting room can now turn on their laptops and get wireless access to the Internet. Helena Williams, LIRR President said, “Many of our customers can be seen using their notebook computers as they wait for their trains.