Quick Answer: How Much Is A Round Trip Ticket To Penn Station?

Can I buy LIRR tickets on the train?

To save money, buy LIRR tickets before boarding the train.

Purchasing tickets onboard the train is the most expensive option, costing up to $6.50 more per ticket.

The LIRR makes buying tickets easy.

Tickets are sold at Ticket Machines, staffed Ticket Windows (where available) and through the MTA eTix® mobile app..

Can you use a MetroCard for the Metro North?

As a practical matter, for single round trips the fare cards with both Metro North and Metrocard fares on the same card only work if you’re beginning your trip at a Metro North station.

How much is a round trip Metro North ticket?

Ticket offices and full-service (gray colored) and electronic-payment only (blue colored) Tickets Machines offer MetroCard options with Round-trip tickets ($5.78 value); and Monthly tickets ($50 MetroCard; $52.50 value).

How much is Port Jefferson train?

The best way to get from Port Jefferson to Penn Station is to train which takes 5h 50m and costs $45 – $140. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs $45 – $110 and takes 8h 29m.

Can I buy a ticket on Metro North train?

Onboard trains You can only buy one-way tickets onboard.

How much is a Metro North ticket to New Haven?

.Sample fares to GCT/Harlem-125th Street On-board fares are indicated in red.Stamford Noroton Heights Darien Rowayton$313.00$7.25 $7.25South Norwalk East Norwalk$337.00$7.75 $7.75Westport Green’s Farms Southport Fairfield Fairfield Metro$366.00$8.25 $8.2510 more rows

How can you tell if a train is off peak?

Exact Super Off-Peak train times can vary across routes and train companies, but they’re usually the least busy travel periods during the week. Super Off-Peak travel times are normally between around 10:00 to 15:30 and from 19:15 onwards Monday to Friday.

Can you pay cash for train tickets?

You can pay for your tickets using cash or a credit or debit card.

What stops are on the Port Jefferson line?

Direction: Westbound (12 stops)Huntington. 60 Broadway, Huntington Station View full schedule Go to station.Cold Spring Harbor. 10 Cold Spring Lane, West Hills.Syosset. View full schedule Go to station.Hicksville. 26 Newbridge Road, Hicksville.Westbury. 333 Union Avenue, Westbury.Mineola. … Merillon Avenue. … Jamaica Lirr.More items…

Does off peak return mean anytime?

Not to be confused with Off-Peak Day Returns, the Off-Peak Return ticket requires you to make the outward part of your journey on the date shown on the ticket. The return part of your journey, however, can be completed on any day on an Off-Peak train within one calendar month of the ticket’s issue date.

Why Is LIRR so expensive?

Because the LIRR is a commuter rail, its services are more costly to run. For example, a peak train from Long Island to Penn Station may go out of service after Penn Station and not pick up passengers, meaning there is only revenue one way. When you factor in the personnel cost, it becomes even more expensive.

How much is a round trip ticket on the LIRR?

$4.50 Round-trip (2 rides); available at all ticket offices and machines except Red “Daily Tickets” machines. $20 ($21.40 value) are available at all ticket machines. $45 MetroCard ($48.15 value) is available with monthly tickets at all ticket offices and machines except Red “Daily Tickets” machines.

How much is a monthly Metro North train pass?

To Our Customers: For monthly and weekly commuters, fares will increase by no more than 3.85%. Monthly ticket increases will not exceed $15.00. Weekly ticket increases will not exceed $5.75.

How much is the Metro North to Poughkeepsie?

Hudson and Harlem Line To/From GCT/Harlem-125th Street On-board fares are indicated in red.Beacon New HamburgPatterson Pawling Appalachian Trail$11.00 $11.00PoughkeepsieHarlem Valley-Wingdale Dover Plains$12.25 $12.25Tenmile River Wassaic$12.50 $12.50Back to Fares & Ticket Information back to top10 more rows•Mar 19, 2017

Can I get a refund on monthly train ticket?

There must be at least seven days remaining on a monthly or longer Season Ticket, or at least three days remaining on a 7-Day Season Ticket to obtain a refund (although on some 7-Day Season Tickets there may be no refund value after three days of use, dependent upon the relevant Anytime Day Return price.

How can I get cheap LIRR tickets?

Discount programs, federal tax benefits, other deals can help save on LIRR ticketsPeak vs. off-peak. … Federal Commuter Tax Benefit. … Weekend discounts for monthly commuters. … LIRR loyalty program. … Buy before you board. … Free refunds on e-tickets, if you act fast. … Step-up fares and trip extensions. … Mail & Ride MetroCard combo.More items…•

What is an off peak ticket?

Buy anytime, travel off-peak. Off-Peak fares are cheaper tickets for travelling on trains that are less busy. Offering good value for money, these tickets may require you to travel at specific times of day, days of the week or on a specific route.

What stations are on the Port Jefferson line?

StationsZoneLocationConnections / notes10St. JamesStony BrookSuffolk County Transit: 3D, S60, S69, S76 SBU Transit: Outer Loop, Railroad Routes 1, Railroad Route 2Setauket-East SetauketPort Jefferson StationSuffolk County Transit: S60, S61, S62, S69, S76 Port Jefferson Jitney22 more rows

How much is the Port Washington train?

One-Day Round Trip Group Fares to Penn StationStationYouthAdultPort Jefferson$7.00$10.25Port Washington$5.50$8.50ABC | DEF | GHIJ | KLM | NOP | QRS | TUVWXYZStationYouthAdult122 more rows•Mar 19, 2017

When can an off peak ticket be used?

4.4 Off-Peak Singles and the outward portion of Off-Peak Returns are valid for travel on the date shown on the ticket and until 04:29 the following morning. If the journey cannot be completed in this time, the ticket may be used to continue the journey on the following day.

How much are monthly LIRR tickets?

$127.00 Option: Unlimited Monthly MetroCard and 2% discount on LIRR fare.