Quick Answer: How Old Is A Child On Arriva Buses?

How many zones do I need on my Zonecard?

If you hold a valid ticket for either G1 or G2 and wish to travel in an outer Glasgow zone (G3 to G8) a minimum of three zones is required.

If you possess three Glasgow zones, you will have the freedom to travel in all Glasgow zones (G1 to G8)..

Do Mcgills buses give change?

McGill’s has launched Contactless payment across all our services! … The new ticketing initiative offers a flexible and convenient way for you to pay for your McGill’s tickets and means less time spent at bus stops and no need to carry change, improving your overall bus experience.

What age is a child on Stagecoach buses?

Up to 4 children under the age of 5 can travel for free, while children aged 5-15 will pay a discounted rate which varies depending on which area you’re in. Children aged 16 and over will be charged an adult fare unless they’re eligible for a Scholar pass, unirider, VIP card or similar.

How much is a child Daysaver?

Day ticket all our busesDay ticket all our busesAll dayAfter 9.30am & all day weekendsAdults£4.60£4 Add a child £1 each up to 3 children maximumUnder 18£2.30

How much is a child all day ticket Mcgills?

All under-16s can travel on any bus, for less than 72p per day!

Can you pay on card on bus?

Secure contactless payments are now available on all of our buses. Paying with contactless is a simple and secure way to pay for tickets without cash. One tap of your contactless card, Apple Pay or Google Pay and you’re aboard and ready to go, no need to worry about having the right change.

What is the age for half ticket in bus?

Child Fare Criteria Children aged up to 6 years (<= 6 years) are allowed to travel free without exclusive seat with accompanying passengers. For children aged above 6 years (>6 years) and up to 12 years (<=12 years), child fare will be charged. For children aged above 12 years (>12 years), adult fare will be charged.

What is a DayRider ticket?

dayrider. Travel as much as you like in one day. With Stagecoach bus day tickets you can make as many journeys as you like for one day. They offer more value for money than buying a single or return, as you can travel on all Stagecoach buses within your chosen ticket zone.

How much is a student day rider Bristol?

City and region-wide ticketsTicket typeAdultStudentBristol Rider Day£4.50£3.50Bristol Rider Week£20.00£15.50Avon Rider Day£7.20£5.50Avon Rider Week£32.50£24.50

How much is a student bus pass UK?

18 + StudentPay as you goDaily capMonthly Bus & Tram Pass£1.50£4.50£56.90

How much is a child single ticket on a bus?

Children under 3 years old are free.DistanceChild/Youth Opal card fareChild/Youth Opal single bus ticket fare0 – 3 km$1.07$1.303 – 8 km$1.79$2.108+ km$2.30$2.80

How much is a Daysaver 2020?

There are also some fares being reduced: We are cutting the price of the under-18s all-day ticket – the daysaver – from £2.50 in 2019 to £2.30 in 2020! If you travel from Coventry into the West Midlands there is also a saving to be made on our West Midlands weekly travelcard, which is being reduced from £18 to £17.50.

Do students get Arriva tickets?

What are Student Saver tickets? Our Student and Young Persons’ Saver tickets are available to anyone up to the age of 19 or in full time education. All of the tickets are valid all day every day and offer unlimited travel on all Arriva services (except where stated) in the specified zones.

What is M ticket?

An M Ticket is an electronic ticket sent to and stored on your smartphone, and only available if you have the Northern app (or other some other train company apps) on your phone. Any tickets purchased will be stored in the Ticket Wallet in the app and must be activated before getting on the train.