Quick Answer: What Your Pick Meaning?

What does I’ll Pyo mean?

pick your ownpick your own.

pick your own is used in Acronym.

The word p.y.o.

is used in Acronym meaning pick your own..

What is difference between pick and choose?

The dictionaries say this: Pick – choose (someone or something) from a number of alternatives. Select – to choose (someone or something) from a group. Choose – to decide that a particular person or thing is the one that you want.

What does pick your own mean?

/ˌpɪk.jəˈrəʊn/ (written abbreviation PYO) relating to the activity of picking fruit or vegetables yourself at a farm and then paying for the amount you have picked: pick-your-own strawberries. a pick-your-own farm.

What does picking and choosing mean?

to choose very carefully from a number of possibilities; to be selective. You must take what you are given. You cannot pick and choose.

What does pick over mean?

transitive verb. : to examine in order to select the best or remove the unwanted.

What does it mean to pick over split peas?

If you read the directions on most packages of dried beans or lentils you will find the term “Pick Over”. … To “Pick Over Beans” simply means that you need to ensure there are no rocks or other debris in your dried beans.

What’s another word for picking?

In this page you can discover 44 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for picking, like: gathering, culling, separating, choice, preference, pick, footing, plunking, plucking, pecking and nibbling.

What’s another word for picking on someone?

What is another word for pick on?bullyvictimiseUKpesterannoymolestworrygive someone a hard timenagirritatetrouble131 more rows

What does put you on mean?

To put someone on means to joke about something or to tell someone something untrue as a joke.

What does picking on someone mean?

to criticize, annoy, or punish someone repeatedly and unfairly: He gets picked on because he’s small. Want to learn more?

What does picked over and rinsed mean?

If you’re working with lentils or other beans, you may sometimes notice that the instructions say, “rinse and pick over.” … While rinsing or after rinsing, try spreading out the lentils or beans, feel them and look at them. If you see something that looks off, just throw it away. The rest of the batch should be fine.